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2B Well - Dr. Leena Guptha

Free in person, Zoom or phone consultation
30 minutes
Appointments are 15-30 minutes


Hypnosis Certification training
100 hour @ $2,995.00
Hypnobirthing – Private 1:1 class for birthing mama and companion
12 hours 30 minutes @ $750.00
Hypnobirthing Group Class
12 hours 30 minutes @ $375.00
Peak Performance Goal Focused Coaching: 6 sessions
12 hours @ $360.00
2 hour Personal Growth classes (free)


Health Coaching
1 hour @ $250.00
45 minutes @ $200
30 minutes @ $150
Peak Performance Coaching (for sports)
1 hour @ $300
45 minutes @ $250
30 minutes @ $200
Executive Coaching
1 hour
Customized packages for individuals and C suite teams


Hypnosis Consultation
1 hour @ $200.00

Health Coaching

(First session 60 minutes)​

Ask about coaching package (1 hour first session and 5 follow up sessions)

Introductory in person, skype or phone consultation 15-30 minutes

The purpose of this session for:
  • You to gain more information regarding health coaching, peak performance, executive coaching or hypnosis
  • You to see if I am a good fit for you and/or your business to support your journey to health and happiness
  • You to identify which service suits your needs

This session is not intended for setting long-term goals or the guided formation of new habits.

Single Session Health Coaching (60 minutes)

The purpose of this session is for:

  • To create momentum for the journey to health and happiness
  • To identify and agree on your goals
  • To create your customized success plan
  • For current clients choose this option for ongoing maintenance

Peak Performance Coaching (for sports)

This program is recommended when you:

  • Need a customized program to your measurable performance goals

Executive Coaching

This program is recommended when you:

  • Need individual and group packages that are customized to your business needs

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