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2B Well provides a range of customized services to inspire and support you to find mind, body spirit solutions for personal and professional development. Your health and welfare is utmost on our mind as we partner with you to achieve greater quality of life, health and happiness.

Our Mission is to educate and inspire a global community as to the value of optimal health and happiness through innovative solutions 2B well for life.
Our Vision is to live in a world where allopathic and integrative therapies are offered with equal availability to all, where health care focuses on balancing mind body and spirit, utilizing the best of all medicines, interventions and modern day technologies through evidence inspired practice.
“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful“
Albert Schweitzer
2B Well Philosophy
2B Well philosophy is based on inspiration from Leena’s mother Rita who believed “that the individual is a complete unit comprised of mind, body, spirit and soul and that by balancing these elements together with environment and lifestyle creates harmony, optimizes health and happiness and allows inherent vital forces to promote healing”.
2B Well practice focuses on supporting the self discovery journey to living a healthy happy lifestyle creating wellness for life. The solution based coaching approach to wellness encourages YOU – the individual to:
  • Balance and integrate YOUR physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Establish respectful, co-operative relations with others and the environment
  • Make wellness orientated lifestyle choices to bring dreams into reality
  • Actively participate in YOUR health decisions to create and maintain health and happiness
2B Well Principles
There are 5 principles that guide the journey of health and happiness 2B Well:
2B Well Life Story ​
A young girl age 7 was informed by a leading Immunologist in arguably one of the top teaching hospitals that her mother had “an aggressive form of Lupus and was not likely to live beyond the age of 40 due to complications”…..the necessary treatment was a combination of cortico-steroids and antidepressant drugs. In an era without internet, google or wikipedia – it took 4 years for the young girl to understand the meaning of those very few words, helped by neighbors taking her to libraries, and families who took care of her, while the mother was hospitalized due to pain and immobility for months at a time over the next few years.
As she continued to gather information from magazines, articles and knowledge of alternatives, a journey ensued for the next 6 years where mother and daughter received all the “alternative therapies” the daughter could find. Gemstone therapy, faith healing, 30 day naturopathic fasting at a health hydro, herbal remedies, homeopathy, acupuncture, ayurveda, yoga, meditation, naturopathy, osteopathy, bodywork, hypnosis, oxygen therapy and more….while still under the care of a cadre of physicians. Ultimately their home became lay apothecary, stacks of drawers labelled A-Z of natural remedies; to ease pain and promote optimal health. In time the mother through reading and cultural origins became so well versed in homeopathy and naturopathy she was admired by those physicians for her knowledge, instinct to heal others and overwhelming positive spirituality focused on creating happiness.
Two things followed the young girl departed from her early desire of being an engineer designing bridges, dedicating her teens to facilitate the pursuit of her mother to be well and then studied a number of the modalities and professions she experienced as a child. During the first 25 years of practice the daughter focused on supporting the integration of both the medical and natural therapy worlds, optimizing wellness, health conscious lifestyle changes and facilitating dreams into reality. The mother Rita passed away at 70, her spirit still watches over the daughter Leena as she honors the journey through educating professionals in integrative medicine, channeling the unrelenting spiritual strength of her mother to triumph against the odds, helping others to reach their peak performance in all areas of life – in short her mothers’ life then and now represents her lifes’ work and passion.
Meet Leena Susan Guptha
Leena S. Guptha was born in London UK and spent the majority of her life there until relocating to the United States. She initially practiced for six years in primary care and thereafter to date over two decades in various integrative health fields – culminating in her coaching and hypnosis practice today.
As a child Leena developed great interest in autoimmune dis-ease, cancer and back pain and though from an allopathic family, pursued an interest in a number of alternative and complementary therapies. She married into an even more allopathic/conventional medical family of Indian origin and devoted her professional life to furthering integration between the allopathic and complementary communities through volunteerism, education and practice. This history and experience led to various recognitions and awards.

2B Well provides a range of customized services to inspire and support you to find mind, body spirit solutions for personal and professional development. Your health and welfare is utmost on our mind as we partner with you to achieve greater quality of life, health and happiness.

2B Well provides a range of customized services to inspire and support you to find mind, body spirit solutions for personal and professional development. Your health and welfare is utmost on our mind as we partner with you to achieve greater quality of life, health and happiness.

  • Hall of Fame, 2015
  • NCB Volunteer Appreciation Award, 2013
  • National Technical Honor Society, 2012
  • ITT Functional Manager of the Year, 2010
  • CCA Community Service Award, 2009
  • Alpha Beta Kappa – National Honor Society, 2007
  • Lehigh Valley College V.I.P. Employee Recognition Award, 2006
  • National University of Health Sciences, Award – 2003
  • Pennsylvania Legislative Award, 2006
  • Pennsylvania Leadership Award, 2006
  • Katrina Relief Fund Award, 2005
  • Illinois AMTA Chapter Meritorious Award, 2003
  • National Guild of Hypnotists, Award for exceptional performance, 2001 and 2002
  • AMTA Foundation Recognition for contribution Above and Beyond, 2002
  • Award of Appreciation for Education and the Universal Benefit of Humanity, 1997
It is through the mentoring of many learned individuals that she has been able to maintain a philosophy of health and happiness in life as well as in practice and seeks to inspire others to do the same by balancing the mind, body, and spirit through coaching, positive affirmation and empowerment.
Leena volunteered her time over the years as the Founder and President of the National Guild of Hypnotists Rhode Island Chapter, Director and Chair of the National Certification Board, Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks, Vice President of the Sanctuary Association, former National President of the American Massage Therapy Association, in addition Leena has held various academic positions. Adjunct Professor and Hon. Chair of Physical Medicine, at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM), CT, Anatomy tutor and Director of Medical Massage, Program Development and Research at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT), Newington, CT. Continued Education faculty at the National University of Health Sciences, adjunct faculty at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine, (London), the International College of Osteopathic Medicine (Milan, Italy), Lehigh Valley College, Northampton Community College, Bucks County Community College, Moravian College, De Sales University, PA and more recently the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA.
Leena developed and pioneered the first Medical Massage training program in the United States in alliance with Hartford Hospital, CT in Cardiology, Orthopedics and Oncology. Leena has also trained over 100 healthcare professionals and others through NGH Hypnotherapy Certification program and teaches a range of Empowering self-care workshops 2B well.
Leena has been a conference speaker at various state and national conferences including but not limited to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Authorized Academic Training Providers, National Guild of Hypnotists, Automotive Seating Innovators Summit, World Massage Festival and has developed and delivered over 20 CEU classes.
Coaching Background
Leena’s experience in health coaching began through the very personal journey of coaching her mother 2B Well from her early childhood, taking into account allopathic family/medical advice, literature and her mothers’ personal choices – which she called an evidence inspired life and later practice. In adulthood the journey manifested as lifestyle counseling and peak performance utilizing her osteopathic medicine background and biomechanics in the 90’s to empowerment coaching in the 2000’s. In the business world Leena directly managed budgets over $10 million, both in for profit and non-profit arenas and later she graduated as Valedictorian of her MBA class, translating her business skills and experience to working with executives and CEO’s for financial health and longevity. Today she is simply passionate to facilitate individuals, groups, businesses and birthing mamas thrive to their greatest power through health, peak performance, executive and hypno-birth coaching.
Hypnosis Background

Why choose 2B Well for Hypnosis? Leena’s experience in Hypnosis began in 1997 by 2000 she became a certified trainer and offered the training program in colleges and universities as well as maintained an active private practice. Leena helps to identify barriers and obstacles of her clients that prevent them being the bravest version of themselves. She is passionate about using positive affirmation to support positive mindset allowing individuals and groups reach for sky and bring their dreams into reality. Leena finds great fulfillment supporting others capitalize on their potential. After her Presidency (2006-2009) in the non-profit world her successor stated “she allowed others to stand on her shoulders”. Leena derives great joy being a part of the journey with clients and students to achieve their greatest success.

Education, Qualifications & Experience


2016-2021 (expected graduation): Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences, (concentration Global Education) Trident International University, Cypress, CA.

2015: Integrative Health Coaching, Duke University, Integrative Medicine, Durham, NC.

2012: Master’s in Business Administration (Valedictorian), ITT Technical Institute, Indiana, IN.

1996: Master’s in Complementary Therapies/Medical Science, University of Westminster, London.

1992: LAc. Licentiate in Acupuncture, British College of Acupuncture, London.

1990: DO. Osteopathic Medicine, British College of Osteopathic Medicine, London.

2B Well provides a range of customized services to inspire and support you to find mind, body spirit solutions for personal and professional development. Your health and welfare is utmost on our mind as we partner with you to achieve greater quality of life, health and happiness.

Trainings & Certifications
2010: Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy, Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine and Upledger Institute, London.

2005: Nature Stones Hot Stone Therapy, Churchville, PA.

2003: Kate Jordon, Pre-natal Certification, Chicago, IL.

2002: Hypnobirthing Educator, Marie Mongan, National Guild of Hypnotists, Merrimack, NH (recertified 2018).

2000: Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor, Train the Trainer, National Guild of Hypnotists, New York, New York.

2000: Certified in Medical Massage, Health Management Group, Chicago, IL.

1998-2003: Harvard University 2003 – Integrating Complementary therapies into Clinical Practice Cases. 1999 – Alternative Medicine: Implications for Clinical Practice. 1998 – Complementary alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation.

1999: Board Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists, Merrimack, NH.

1997: Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists, Mystic, CT.

1993: Shiatsu/Acupressure, East West Centre, London.

1991: Cranio Sacral Osteopathy, British School of Osteopathy, London.
Clinical Experience
UK: Osteopathic Medicine – primary care (90-97)
• Billericay Center for Family Medicine, Billericay, Essex
• Health-wise Nature Care Clinic, Croydon, Surrey (92-97)

US: Holistic Integrative Practice (97-present)
• Health Focus 101, Westerly, RI
• Holistic Wellness Center, Chicago, IL
• Therapies 2B well, Greater Lehigh Valley Family Medicine, Bethlehem PA
• 2B Well – at PUSH San Diego, CA
Academic Experience
Administrative Roles
• Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, SD, CA – Academic Dean of Online Education (current).
• Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, SD, CA – Academic Dean of Graduate Studies.
• ITT Technical Institute, OKC, OK – Dean of Academic Affairs & Interim Campus Director.
• Lehigh Valley College, Center Valley, PA – Dean of Massage Therapy.
• Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Newington CT. Director of Medical Massage, Program Development & Research.

Institutional Teaching
• Pacific College of Oriental Medicine online DACM teaching (current)
• De Sales University, Center Valley PA – Pathophysiology, Anatomy/Physiology, Epidemiology and Biostatistics RN, MSN and DNP.
• Lehigh Valley College, Center Valley, PA – Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology Alternative Methods, Internship and Capstones.
• International College of Osteopathic Medicine, Milan Italy and Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine, London – Cranio-sacral Osteopathy, Statistics, Dissertation supervisor, Clinical Osteopathic Medicine.
• National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL – Continuing Education
• University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, CT – Naturopathic Physical Medicine.
• Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Newington CT – Anatomy/Physiology, Shiatsu.

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